Martingale Risk Provides Highly Specialized Litigation Services in Italy

Our mission is to assist international investors and legal firms in the recovery of financial losses from Italian banks and corporations, by proving the breach of Italian law through our expertise in financial engineering.

Our understanding of the Italian judicial system enables our firm to consistently provide the highest standard of legal and financial performance represented by our track record.


In 2008, Martingale Risk was founded by the current CEO, Dr. Marco Fabio Delzio, after a decade of experience in the banking industry. He served as an Officer within the Banking Supervision Department for Banca d’Italia, Senior Risk Manager for the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland, and as Senior Quant/Structurer for OTC Derivatives at Credit Suisse and Citigroup in London, UK.

Our Statistics

Average Loss recovered (of the initial claim)
successful Cases

Our Litigation Process

  1. Preliminary Evaluation: we will perform a preliminary free evaluation to establish: (i) if the case is suitable for litigation, and (ii) the probability of recovering the estimated loss.
  2. Mandate: if the case is suitable, we will agree on a mandate for negotiation and litigation where the most of our compensation will be success fee based.
  3. Analysis and Negotiation: we will perform an in-depth technical analysis on the specific documentation and, based on that, we will negotiate with the counterparty for a reimbursement of the losses.
  4. Litigation: if the settlement is not reached, we will file the case in front of the Italian courts through our highly experienced lawyers.
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